July 22, 2011

Be a god among internet users

EDIT: Bug fixed, now also works in firefox.

So many times i inject jQuery on a site to do something inside it. Here is a bookmarklet i use a lot: View it on pastebin; so basically why it does is inject jQuery (if is not already on the page) and take care about $.noConflict and all that jazz.

Drag this to your bookmarks: jQuery with prompt (or just click it to test it)

But it also brings a nice prompt in which to write the javascript code (eval is NOT evil!); and it also have some little nice features, you can open the prompt with Shift+J or by clicking the bookmarklet again. It remembers the last code you wrote on it. It also haves a handy function called print, it basically works as a wrapper for document.write javascript function. It also handle any errors in your syntax and you can use the function "$" instead of "jQuery" without breaking anything in the current web site.

So, lets see what this baby can do:

If you need to get the list of you are listening in Grooveshark, you could write this:

If you need to select all your friends in Facebook when you create an event...

If you need to get all URL addresses from a Google search

To archive all your facebook messages (well, just current page)
$("#MessagingDashboard .archiveLink input").click();

Scrapping FUN!

Everyone loves to scrapp; so lets do that (ab)using Ajax! This code gets all links of the first 9 pages of a Google search result.

window.arrxx=[];$("#navcnt .fl").each(function(i){var opq = i;var that=this;setTimeout(function(){ $.get(that.href,function(data){ $("<div"+">").html(data).find("cite").each(function(){arrxx.push("http://"+$(this).text()) });if(opq == $("#navcnt .fl").length - 1){document.write("<pre"+">"+arrxx.join("\n")+"</p"+"re>")}})},1000*(i+1))});


  1. this doesn't seem work for me. what OS and browser are you using?

  2. I am so sorry... It doesnt seem to work properly on Firefox.

    I am using Google Chrome on Windows 7 (it works on IE9 too).

    Tomorrow i will fix this incompatibility with firefox.

  3. Confirmed and working in win7 on ff 5.0.

    Awesome scripting and thx


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